Pool Heat Pumps

Don't settle for a cold pool

If you are looking to extend the swimming season of your pool or maybe you want to heat your pool all year round our energy efficient pool heat pumps may be the answer. We offer a quality range of tried and tested heat pumps to give you the ultimate in pool heating with total peace of mind.

The magic of a pool heat pump

Just like an air conditioning system a pool heat pump extracts FREE renewable thermal (heat) energy from the air and transfers it to the water in the pool. To undertake this process the pool heat pump uses electricity. 

The great thing (aka magic) of a quality heat pump is that you get out more than you put in. In the below example you will see that we have 1kW of electricity going into the heat pump, it is extracting 9kW of free heat from the air and then transferring 10kW of heat to your pool. In this example that would mean we have a COP (Coefficient of Performance) of 10. 

Pool heat pump input and output

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Why use a pool heat pump in Adelaide?

In Adelaide we are blessed with a great swimming season, but left unheated your pool can become cold and unusable. If you would like to efficiently heat your pool to extend the swimming season or even heat it all year round our pool heat pumps may be your answer. Heating your pool shouldn’t cost the earth financially or environmentally, that is why we recommend quality pool heat pumps instead of other electrical or gas pool and spa heating systems.

Our pool heat pump solutions

We offer you peace of mind by only supplying and installing the best quality and efficient pool Heat Pumps available. We have compared pool heat pumps on the market and have partnered with Madimack to deliver their quality residential pool heat pumps to the South Australian market. 

Summer Eco

Built with efficiency and simplicity in mind the quiet, long lasting and easy to use Summer Eco is perfect for energy conscious minds. With WiFi as standard you can change your pool temperature and timers from wherever you are.
Season Extender

Elite Silent

The Elite Silent Series comprises of all the best you can ask for in a pool heater. Utilising the newest inverter technology, it creates world class efficiencies and runs quieter than any other unit with its patented back discharge design.
All year

Eclipse Top

The Eclipse Top Fan pool heat pumps are as quiet as the most compact unit available with an amazing power to profile ratio.
They offer a high standard of comfort with smart control from anywhere

Elite Max

These powerful commercial heaters have the capacity to cope with the demands of any aquatic facility. Built with cutting edge technology and climate adaptive features, the our commercial range keeps up all year round whilst reducing energy bills significantly.

Pool Heating Evaluation

Each and every pool is different and will require a different heat pump, finding the best fitting solution is very important to give  you the best outcome. To give you the best heat pump solutions possible our we can provide a comprehensive heating evaluation that is bespoke to your pool and your swim conditions. 

Information that can be provided from a pool heating evaluation include:

  • Minimum unit size required to ensure the right temperature is achieved 
  • Estimated running costs on a monthly basis
  • If you have solar electric, we can provide optimised on and off times to give the most efficient system.

Have you got Solar PV?

Did you know you could be heating your pool for free by using power generated onsite by your solar PV with a suitably sized pool heat pump? Our heat pumps also come with inbuilt timers, Wifi control and also input for control signals from solar inverters or home automation systems to make it easier for you to control when they run.

We have a number of enquires for pool owners that would like to move their pool heating to an efficient pool heat pump as they are looking at getting solar Pv on their roofs. Often you will find that existing solar pool heating is in the way of where your new solar Pv system should be located. We can help you remove your old solar pool heating and install a new energy efficient pool heat pump ready for your solar Pv installation. 

Frequently asked questions about pool heat pumps

A pool heat pump is a heating system that extracts heat out of the air to heat the water in the pool. 

A good quality hot water heat pump will be quiet when it runs. 

If you have solar PV installed a pool heat pump is a great complementary product to help you reduce the amount of electricity you use. We can set up the heat pump timer to run during the day when you are generating power.

If you are based in South Australia we can provide a price for a pool heat pump to suit your requirements. We can also offer an installation service or if you purchase through us we are happy to walk your plumber or pool builder through it over the phone.

Yes even though we are based in the Adelaide Hills we can design and install pool heat pump systems anywhere in South Australia. Also if you are in another State we can put you in contact with a local installer.


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