Save up to $2000 on a Reclaim Energy Heat Pump!

You may be eligible for multiple government rebates on the supply and installation of our Reclaim Energy heat pump!
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Quality Hot Water and Pool Heating Solutions

At Adelaide Heat Pumps we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality, highly efficient hot water and pool heat pump solutions. Unfortunately not all heat pumps are created equal, that is why we only offer a selection of what we believe to be the best heat pumps available today. Giving you peace of mind that the hot water or pool heat pump you select will meet your expectations and requirements. 

Why Adelaide Heat Pumps?

 Adelaide Heat Pumps wants you to enjoy energy efficient hot water and pool heating utilising the stored thermal energy provided by nature in the Air. We have chosen the best quality heat pumps on the market to make sure you get the outcome you deserve and future peace of mind. The manufactures we support include Reclaim Energy, Stiebel Eltron, MHI Q-Ton and Madimack as their products have demonstrated to us over time to be market leaders.

We offer:

  • Supply only for your own plumber or pool builder to fit;
  •  We offer our own in house plumbing service team dedicated to the installation of hot water and heat pumps;
  • Bulk discounts for larger quantities (Builders and Developers etc);
  • Residential heat pump hot water solutions;
  • Residential heat pump pool heating solutions;
  •  Commercial heat pump hot water solutions up to 90 degrees celsius;
  • Commercial heat pump pool heating solutions;
  • Change over from existing gas, gravity fed or electric storage water heaters;
  • Change over from existing solar or gas pool heating;
  •  We offer the STC rebate as an upfront discount on all of our residential hot water systems (Conditions apply)
  • Were here to help you get back into hot water Adelaide!
  • We cover the whole of South Australia 
  • We can check out your existing heat pump to see if we can repair it.

Recently installed hot water heat pumps in Adelaide

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What People say about Adelaide Heat Pumps?

Since meeting the team at Adelaide Heat Pumps about 5 years ago, we have worked closely with them and referred them to many of our clients. Our clients have all given positive feedback to us noting they were looked after very well with reliable and trustworthy knowledge of the entire range of heat pumps available as well as receiving extremely high quality of workmanship. We recommend Adelaide Heat Pumps to anyone looking to upgrade their inefficient old electric Hot Water Service or gas system that's costing more and more to run due to increasing gas prices, to a reliable and energy efficient heat pump hot water system. Thanks for the consistent reliable service AHP.
Ryan Furtner
We couldnt be happier with our new Reclaim heat pump system from Adelaide Heat Pumps. Jonathen did an awesome, very tidy job, plumbed up the drainage properly and tidied up the old plumbing in the roof space. He was very helpful answering our questions about heat pumps too. We highly recommend working with Jonathen.
Sue Rusnak
We’re happy with our heat pump system that was installed in 2014 by Adelaide Heat Pumps. Jon Hindry did an excellent job in installation and providing us information on the system. The system is very quiet and very energy efficient.
Quentin Gore
Great service. Great product. Great local knowledge. Highly recommend.
eddy grabis
Jonathen has been very Easy to deal with, very prompt on questions and delivery and follow up questions on the install details. Great service.

We help save you $$$ with quality heat pump hot water and pool heating solutions!


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