Hot Water Heat Pumps for your home!

All of us want hot water on tap that doesn’t cost the earth to create. That is why we recommend the use of a hot water heat pump instead of a gas storage, gas continuous flow, solar or electric storage hot water system in your home. A heat pump extracts renewable thermal (heat) energy from the air and transfers it to the water in the storage tank ready for you to use when needed. 

The impressive thing about a quality heat pump is the efficiency + the fact that they are one of the only appliances that for the input (electricity) you get back more than you put in. For example our hot water heat pumps will only need about 1 kW to create 4.5kW to 5kW of heat, that makes them an impressive 450% to 500% efficient. This equals great savings on your hot water.

Heat pumps can be run on solar, J Tariff and will also work when solar isn’t …. when its cloudy or dark outside.

We have choosen only the best Heat Pumps

We offer you peace of mind by only supplying and installing the best quality Hot Water Heat Pumps available. Currently we only offer residential hot water heat pump units from Reclaim Energy and Stiebel Eltron due to the quality and efficiencies. 

Reclaim Energy Hot Water Heat Pump

The Reclaim energy CO2 Heat Pump consists of a heat pump (compressor) and a storage tank. The system’s heat exchange collects heat from the air surrounding the unit to use as energy for the refrigerant which is ozone friendly CO2. The unit can supply in excess of five units of heat energy from ambient air for every unit of electricity it consumes meaning that the cost of energy used to produce hot water is minimised. The Reclaim energy CO2 Heat pump has excellent cold weather performance characteristics therefore there is no need for a boosting element to supplement heating for your unit. The smart controller ensures that the Reclaim energy CO2 heat pump provides you, the householder with a highly efficient, low operating cost hot water solution. Combining the system with PV only enhances a householders reduction in energy consumption and costs. Our interactive controls and monitoring allows you the customer to take control over your energy generation and management for all your hot water needs.

The smart controller puts control back into your hands!
  The controller has 5 presets that allow you to set customise your hot water management at the touch of a button. You can choose to optimise your PV energy production or for householders without PV you can set the unit to operate on the cheapest tariffs to ensure your household energy budget is controlled by you. Our single shot boost guarantees that no matter what option you choose you will never be without hot water.

  • Easy to install
  • Top down Heat Pump return heating for quick water recovery
  • CO2 refrigerant ideally suited to excel in cold weather conditions
  • CO2 refrigerant naturally environmentally friendly
  • High COP creating high energy from low energy input
  • Whisper quiet operation level at 37 dB
  • Has the ability to heat hot water from as little as $1 per day
  • One shot boost function for continuous hot water
  • Designed to use excess PV generation rather than exporting it to the grid – control your energy
  • Smart controller allows customers to take control over their energy costs and consumption.
  • 315 Litre Glass lined enamel and  Stainless Steel Tanks available in tall or squat tank to suit many installations
  • STC approved
Reclaim Energy Co2 Hot Water Heat Pump installed in Woodville, Adelaide

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Stiebel Eltron Hot Water Heat Pump

The Stiebel Eltron Hot Water Heat Pump system is a quality all in one heat pump that will provide you with many years of efficient hot water production.

  • German Engineered for Australian Conditions;
  •  Suitable for hard or soft water areas with maintenance free current impressed anode;
  • Operates down to minus 5°C, ideal for cold climates;
  • Ideal to operate with solar PV system
  • Can be installed outdoors or indoors, indoor installation requires 13m3 of clear space;
  • Tank Sizes: 220 Litre, 300 Litre
Adelaide Heat Pumps supplying and installing energy efficient Stiebel Eltron Hot Water Heat Pumps in South Australia ~ Stiebel Eltron WWK222H ~ Stiebel Eltron WWK302H

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Frequently asked questions about hot water heat pumps

A hot water heat pump is a hot water system that extracts heat out of the air to heat the water in the tank. 

A good quality hot water heat pump will be quiet when it runs. In particular the Sanden Eco Hot Water Heat Pump offers whisper quiet operation, with industry leading noise level of 37 dB – very neighbour friendly!

If you have solar PV installed a hot water heat pump is a great complementary product to help you reduce the amount of electricity you use. We can set up the heat pump timer to run during the day when you are generating power.

If you have solar PV installed a hot water heat pump is a great complementary product to help you reduce the amount of electricity you use. We can set up the heat pump timer to run during the day when you are generating power.

If you are based in South Australia we can provide a price for a hot water heat pump to suit your requirements. We can also offer an installation service or if you purchase through us we are happy to walk your plumber through it over the phone.

Yes even though we are based in the Adelaide Hills we can design and install heat pump hot water systems anywhere in South Australia. Also if you are in another State we can put you in contact with a local installer.