What Rebates are available when installing a heat pump hot water system in South Australia?

What rebates are available for hot water heat pump systems?

Depending on where you live certain rebates are available after installation of your system. In South Australia you can claim STC’s and if you are in the Adelaide City limits the Adelaide City Council has extra rebates.

Can Adelaide Heat Pumps handle the rebates on my behalf?

Yes we can, We can offer an upfront discount off the supply and installation of the heat pump in return for you assigning your STC’s to us. All of the heat pumps in our online store already have the STC rebate included as an upfront discount.

We can also offer support for gaining any other eligible rebates that may be available.

What is an STC?

Small-scale technology certificates, or STCs, are a tradable commodity attached to eligible installations of renewable energy systems (including solar panels, solar water heaters and heat pumps).

Under the Federal Government’s Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), when you install an eligible system, you may claim a set number of these STCs.

What is an STC worth?

The financial value of an STC is dependent on the supply of and demand for STCs. As a result this value can be variable from day to day. They generally sit between $32 and $36 each. With our Reclaim Energy hot water heat pumps having 32 STC’s that can equate to a discount of up to $1152.

How many STC’s does a hot water heat pump system have ?
The number of STCs within each zone are subject to AS/NZS standards or methodology change. To confirm current STC numbers on our heat pump range contact us or please visit the Australian Government Office of Clean Energy Regulator website. STCs are subject to meeting eligibility and conditions.

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Adelaide City Council heat pump rebates

The Adelaide City council have additional rebates available that can be used with the STC rebate to further reduce the cost of your heat pup system. Eligible properties may apply for the following water heater upgrade rebates:

1.   25% of installed cost up to a maximum of $1,000 for Upgrade to heat pump boosted solar, Heat pump hot water system or Installing a new heat pump hot water system on a new development. 

DOWNLOAD: Hot Water Systems Rebate Application Form (PDF) 

Hot Water system eligibility:

  • Read this information about how hot water systems might require a Development Approval (D.A.). If you do require a D.A., Council will waive fees. Contact Development Assessment team during business hours on 8203 7185 to discuss installations.
  • Hot water systems must be eligible under the Australian Government Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) for the creation of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs).


  • Hot water systems that are part of the base building or common property of multi storey office buildings

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